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  1. Acadia is really nice. I love the varied opportunities for outdoor activities. In one weekend my family went kayaking, hiking, swimming, cliff jumping, ice cream shops, beach/rocky shore strolls, camping and out to eat at a nice restaurant. You get mountains & the ocean. We really enjoyed hiking Acadia Mountain - the views are just incredible! Best, Kasey Marsters
  2. I agree - the Bigelow Range is a fantastic hike with incredible views. Best, Kasey Marsters
  3. Hello! I highly recommend Baxter State Park. Russell Pond is the most remote location in the State of Maine (see You can get there via a 7 or 9 mile hike from the south or north. You can stay in lean-tos, a cabin or tent sites. There are a couple stream crossings, wildlife is aplenty and trails are just gorgeous. I go there annually. Must see is Green Falls which is about 3 miles from Russell Pond to the west. You'll want to stay a minimum of 2 nights. I got to stay 6 nights once and it was amazing - I've never forgotten it. I was 8 years old. Moose wander through the campsites, beaver float around the pond, and the sunrises/sunsets are breathtaking. Best, Kasey Marsters